Who learns to speak Hindi better?

We have observed that an adult learner learns to speak Hindi much faster than those kids who are learning academic Hindi abroad, say places like Singapore, Dubai etc.

  • Kids learning academic Hindi abroad are stressed and demotivated with Hindi language. However, when an adult self-enrols, it is purely based on one’s motivation.
  • Adults start with spoken Hindi and apply fast where as kids are more focused on marks and do not give much attention to spoken Hindi.
  • Adults learn Hindi via sentence formation, vocabulary and practical application. This keeps them motivated and they get joy of speaking and connecting. On the other side, kids who are learning Hindi abroad in schools do not speak Hindi and find it very burdensome to carry on with language.

    Hence it is important that kids who are learning academic Hindi abroad, need to have a practical orientation i.e. learn spoken Hindi to connect and enjoy. Also, fun elements related to Hindi needs to be incoporated so as to motivate our little kids!


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