Does you child use कारक ‘ने’ (karak ‘ne’) correctly?

Consider that your child is not able to use ‘ne’/ ‘ने’ correctly. Here is an example:

Simple Hindi teacher:

मैंने देखी – The academic teacher would correct it ‘मैंने देखा’ . However, she might not be tell the rule why there is dekha not dekhi.

Creative Hindi teacher:

Creative Hindi teacher would use Hindi grammar in a much more different way. She would teach students logic that ने is used in simple past and perfect past and it need to answer two questions – क्या and किसको.

मैंने देखी would be corrected to ‘मैंने देखा’ because if there is a past verb (देखा – dekha), there is no object i.e answer of kya is missing, it would be always masculine. मैंने देखा – क्या देखा ? No answer to what . When no answer then, मैंने देखा (maine dekha), मैंने पढ़ा (maine padha), मैंने लिखा (maine likha). All verbs in past here, would be ALWAYS masculine when ne/ने is used.  Consider other places when ने is used with देखा / देखी / देखे / देखीं –

1 / मैंने चिड़िया देखी (Maine chidiya dekhi)  – देखा क्या (Dekha kya) ? चिड़िया (Chidiya). When answer is feminine singular i.e चिड़िया (chidiya), verb will change into past feminine singular – देखी (dekhi).

2 / मैंने कुत्ता देखा (Maine कुत्ता  dekha) – देखा क्या (Dekha kya) ? कुत्ता  (kutta). When answer is masculine singular i.e कुत्ता  (kutta), verb will change to masculine singular– देखा (dekha).

3/ मैंने कुत्ते देखे (maine kutte dekhe) – देखा क्या (dekha kya) ? कुत्ते (कुत्ते). When answer is masculine plural i.e कुत्ते (कुत्ते), verb will change to masculine plural– देखे (dekhe).

4/ मैंने चिड़ियाँ देखीं (maine chidiyaan dekhin) – देखा क्या (dekha kya) ? चिड़ियाँ (chidiyaan). When answer is feminine plural i.e चिड़ियाँ (chidiyaan) verb will change to feminine plural  – देखीं  (dekhin).

The Hindi practice materials assignment will go for ne/ने  in form of audio, video and quizzes. So next time, if the child comes across ‘ne’ he can self-correct and also speak correctly! Audio Hindi materials will get him to speak sentences on ne/ने . This way, usage will be registered more actively. Video Hindi materials will help revise concepts in jiffy. Quizzes would get him thinking actively, if usage is indeed correct or not. This would help him when he would write composition.

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